Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Sunday, December 19 at 16.00



The hosts of the Junior Eurovision ceremony


Olivier Minne, Élodie Gossuin et Carla animeront la cérémonie. Tous trois ont des liens étroits avec l'Eurovision et partageront leur passion pour le concours avec les téléspectateurs européens. Olivier a été commentateur du concours adulte il y a quelques années, Élodie a été jury dans "Eurovision France, c'est vous qui décidez" et a annoncé pendant deux ans les résultats de la France au concours adulte et Carla a représenté la France à l'Eurovision Junior en 2019 avec sa chanson la plus streamée de l'histoire du concours : Bim Bam toi et a commenté l'Eurovision Junior l'année dernière aux côtés de Stéphane Bern.

"Cet immense spectacle européen va nous donner le sourire à tous et, personnellement, être aux côtés de la dream team de l'Eurovision, Olivier, Laurence, Stéphane et Carla est mon cadeau de Noël." Élodie Gossuin

"L'Eurovision est une véritable famille et je suis ravie d'en faire partie. Aujourd'hui, j'ai le plaisir de co-animer cet événement et c'est un grand honneur d'être aux côtés d'Élodie et d'Olivier. Un défi que je m'apprête à relever !" Carla 



Junior Eurovision commentators




It is the chic and shocking duo Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini that we will be lucky to have to make us live the show in France. A dream team to make this ceremony a memorable moment.



The opening of the ceremony

This year, Charlee Moss will be the mistress of the Junior Eurovision opening ceremony. France will also bring its "French touch" to the traditional parade of flags, where the 19 delegations will march with their respective flags, since the most listened to French electro group abroad, Ofenbach, will provide the show by offering a medley of its greatest titles.


The stage design


Designed by Miguel Hernando, a French decorator, the Junior Eurovision stage was imagined as an ode to Paris: Parisian chic, its architecture, its history, its magic during the Christmas season.

A city that our 32 million European viewers describe as one of the most beautiful in the world.

This set includes emblematic monuments of Paris. We will find a structure of light inspired by the Alexandre III bridge, the whole will be overhung by a dome reminiscent of the Grand Palais, decorated with light to symbolize the enchantment of Christmas with our magician lighting director Frederic Dorieux.

The structure, which recalls the Alexander III bridge, will host the green room, the space where young artists wait between performances, and especially during the announcement of the points. It was important that our young talents be at the center of the device.

The stage will be 20 meters long and 30 meters wide, it will be composed of 375 m² of screens, including one 7 meters high. There will be more than 760 automatic lights on the whole stage and 1,000 bulbs to recreate the dome that will sparkle like stars. 15 cameras including 3 cranes, 2 dollies, an aerial camera on cable and a steadycam. An ambitious production plan created by Franck Broqua and Julian Gutierrez. All the performances will be produced and realized according to the Eurovision standards, with a complete programming of the show in terms of cameras, lighting, special effects and stage machinery.

More than 300 people are working on the show, including volunteers who represent an essential part of the organization of this event. They are about a hundred volunteers mobilized during the 10 days of the competition, whether on site, in the hotels or with each delegation to accompany them on a daily basis.

This is the biggest TV show in France!



Interval acts

During the ceremony, we will have two interval acts, two performances that will give rhythm to the show.

The first Valentina will perform a re-orchestrated version of J'imagine in this Christmas time.

The second number of the intermission will be performed by Barbara Pravi, our French representative of this year 2021 in Rotterdam, who helped France to get its best ranking since 1991: a second place.

Barbara will perform a unique and chic version of her song Voilà.


Video file

La Seine Musicale

seine musicale

Inaugurated in April 2017 by Bob Dylan and Insula Orchestra, the resident orchestra directed by Laurence Equilbey, La Seine Musicale is a large-scale performance venue in western Paris, located on the Ile Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt, which in four years has become the island of all music and all shows.

Since 2017, La Seine Musicale has hosted great French and international names, prestigious productions, great ensembles, from pop to classical, from jazz to electro through dance or musicals: Sting, -M-, Mamma Mia!, Gilberto Gil, Archive, NTM, the festivals Chorus or Afropunk, West Side Story, Bartabas' horses, Benjamin Millepied, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Natalie Dessay, film-concerts such as La La Land and The Artist ....  

The complex is composed of two large halls, one, the Grande Seine, with a capacity of up to 6,000 seats, used for large-scale shows and concerts, and the other, the Patrick-Devedjian Auditorium, with a capacity of 1,150 seats, dedicated to classical music and jazz or other musical projects.
Photo La Seine Musicale : Laurent Blossier

Technical data


Duration: 150 min

Presented by Olivier Minne, Elodie Gossuin and Carla

Commented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini

Coproduction: France TV Studio and European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

Director: Franck Broqua and Julian Gutierrez

Executive producer: Alexandra Redde-Amiel

Project manager: Florian Guiot

Project manager: Cécile Lamarque

Producer of the show : Marika Prochet

Production Manager : Olivier Lafaille

Director of Variety, Games and Entertainment and Head of the French Delegation 
Alexandra Redde-Amiel

Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Song Contest 
Martin Österdahl

Deputy Director of Variety and Entertainment
Frédéric Valencak

Photo credits 
Nathalie Guyon - Delphine Ghosarossian - Benjamin Decoin- Fifou- Christophe Lartige-Joël Saget-Darius Salimi- Ahmed Bahhodh -Soufiane Zaid

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