Eurovision Junior 2021


Enzo: a (young) life for music

Born in 2008 in Yvelines, Enzo, son of an airplane pilot, grew up between France, Macao and Hong Kong. These multiple experiences gave him a taste for travel and discovery. A soccer and tennis fan, his passion for music quickly took over. "As a child, I was already singing and dancing in my living room," confesses the young boy. "My brother got a guitar for Christmas, I borrowed it from him and it was my father who taught me to play it." Thus Enzo discovered in turn the music of Soprano, the rap of Eminem, but also the great classics of French song, like Michel Berger, Renaud or Céline Dion. His singing lessons allow him to assert his particular voice. Anchored in his generation, he posts, under the control of his parents, covers on social networks. Passionate and all-purpose, he manages all alone the recording of the titles and the editing of the videos. At the same time, he started writing and composing his own songs and some of his videos now have more than 200 000 views.

Since he was a child, Enzo has been a fan of Eurovision and watches it every year. Representing his country, France, is a real dream. And the magic works, it is with his title Tic Tac that Enzo charmed the French delegation. Written and composed by Alban Lico (Vitaa and Slimane, Carla, Valentina), this song in the air of time oscillates between vintage Charleston and pop of today. Spontaneous and creative with his unique voice, Enzo takes us with him in this Tic Tac so catchy!

The song is an invitation to take a break and enjoy the simple things, far from our busy and hyper-connected lives: "Everyone lives at a hundred miles an hour. My tempo is to share my music". Unstoppable gimmick, the "tic tac" sometimes sung sometimes chanted acts as the hypnotizing slogan of a generation that wants to live at its own pace and share happiness.

Appointment is taken on December 19 where Enzo will proudly wear the colors of France while living his dream of artist.

Alexandra Redde-Amiel : cheffe de la délégation française à l’Eurovision et directrice des variétés, jeux et divertissements de France Télévisions

"After our beautiful champion Valentina, it is a boy who will carry the colors of France at the Junior Eurovision this year.

We are very happy to welcome Enzo in the big Eurovision family.
The entire French delegation and France Télévisions will be at his side to accompany him in this extraordinary adventure, which will also be marked by the organization of the event in France. Historic!

His energy, his talent, his unique voice make Enzo a superb representative of France for this 2021 edition. With his song that evokes the time that passes so quickly, Enzo embarks us in his world so catchy and lively to remind us that life is to savor every second.



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