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Acquisition of the series ENJOY!


France tv distribution is happy to announce its acquisition of the series Enjoy!, produced by Le Collectif 64 and directed by Lionel Méta.

Written by Katell Guillou and Benoit Marchisio, based on the novel Tous Complices ! by Benoit Marchisio, the series stars Jean-Désiré Augnet, Camille Moutawakil, Baptiste Carrion-Weiss and Bruno Salomone.

Distributed worldwide by France tv distribution, Enjoy! will be launched at the Séries Mania Forum, which will take place from March 19 to 21, 2024 in Lille.



Abel is a delivery boy for Enjoy!, a home-delivery app - a temporary job until he lands his dream internship. Yass is a trainee at a 24-hour news channel with a reactionary editorial line. Igor is an ambitious young lawyer who dreams of defending great causes. Their destinies collide in a world ruled by speed and efficiency, far away from their ideal of social justice.



 Julia Schulte (SVP International Sales at France tv distribution):

"We found the project ENJOY! a brilliant parable of modern society: the global insecurity of work relationships and careers even for the high educated, the upcoming right wing extremisms, the power of digital connectivity and the dreams of social revenge. Those topics collide when our three anti-heroes bump into each other and lead to an energetic, urban adventure."




Genre: Social thriller

Format: 6x40’

Cast: Jean-Désiré AugnetCamille MoutawakilBaptiste Carrion-WeissBruno Salomone

Written by Katell Guillou and Benoit Marchisio, based on the novel Tous Complices ! by Benoit Marchisio

Director: Lionel Méta

Production: Le Collectif 64

French Broadcaster: France.tv Slash

Photo credits: ©Thibault Grabherr - Le Collectif 64 - France TV Slash



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