Deep Blue Horizons

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Acquisition of the new documentary series DEEP BLUE HORIZONS


France tv distribution is happy to announce the acquisition of the new documentary series: Deep Blue Horizons Exploring the Seas with Diego Buñuel.

These factual, which is distributed internationally by France tv distribution, will be launched during the MIPDOC, which will take place from April 6 through 7, 2024.


Deep Blue Horizons


Presenter and explorer, Diego Buñuel takes us all around the world to meet the fauna, the flora and the people who live thanks to and with the sea. During these expeditions, we will become aware of the dangers that threaten our seas and oceans: pollution, overfishing, global warming... but we will also discover the solutions through portraits of activists or simple citizens who fight to preserve them. From Peru to Australia, Thalassa reveals to us, thanks to breathtaking images, the underwater face of our planet.

  • From Peru To Ecuador, the treasures of the Pacific
  • Polynesia, a shark paradise
  • Meeting the giants of the seas
  • Australia, in the shadow of the white shark
  • Seas commandos
  • Conquering the abyss
  • Guardian angels of the seas
  • Artic, the white ocean


Deep Blue Horizons


Diego Buñuel (Show Host):

"Being underwater, for me who's been diving all my life, is incredible. I feel like I've been invited into another world, where the rules aren't the same. We talk about Planet Earth, but we should say Planet Sea, because the oceans cover the vast majority of the globe. And as we explore them, we realize that we're not the only beings with special characteristics. It's an invitation to respect. Because if animals and plants manage to find a balance with their environment, then we can too."


Julia Schulte (SVP International Sales at France tv distribution):

"In our series DEEP BLUE HORIZONS Diego Buñuel takes us on pure adventures in our planet's oceans, discovering amazing wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and the people dealing with the elements. As a modern and updated reboot of our very sucessful « Thalassa » brand, with more thrills, bigger challenges, but also ecological aspects, we believe that this new factual franchise will also amaze young viewers on its journeys around our fascinating and beautiful oceans."


Original Title: Thalassa

Genre: Nature & Wildlife

Format: 8x52'

Show Host: Diego Buñuel

Editor in chief: Agnès Gardet

Production: studio

French Broadcaster: France 5


Deep Blue Horizons


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