ANIMATION 2018-2019


This year, France Télévisions is proud to become the official partner of MIFA, the international animated film festival. It's a natural partnership for the leading financial supporter for the creation of animated works in France.


Youth is at the heart of public service broadcasting's priorities. All round the world, young people are turning away from traditional TV screens. Its up to us to learn how to adapt to new practices. The public service broadcasting sector is forging a close link with young audiences through animation.


Our ambitious creative policy allows us to fund all the works and support the best talents. This support for animation enables us to offer younger viewers a wide variety of high quality programmes on every media.


Since the March 2017 agreement with French animation industry professionals, France Télévisions has consolidated its position as the leading investor in the production of French works of animation. Our increased investment will continue to rise significantly between now and 2020.


Our partnership with this sector is based not just on funding: the support we give to an audio-visual industry whose influence is felt throughout the world is a source of pride to us. Public service broadcastings mission is to support a powerful creative arts industry.


It is also a tremendous opportunity to focus our attention on digital. Animation is a pioneering sector in the dramatic change in practices. Its up to us to seize the opportunity and ensure our audiences reap the benefits.




President of France Télévisions




Edutainment” series to help 3-5 year olds as they grow.

Around twenty animation series are currently in the production and development stages for the Zouzous line-up of public service broadcasting programmes aimed at 3-5 year olds.


Produced by French and European animation creators, the Zouzous series aim to stimulate childrens development through a fun, educational and age-appropriate line-up. Our everyday heroes reassure children while supporting them as they discover the world, broaching landmarks in time and space, language, self-discovery and learning about others, the world of the imagination, creativity, science and so on, but also the pleasure of reading shared between parents and children.


Shown in the mornings on France 5, at midday on France 4 and on-demand via digital, Zouzous is the only advert-free animated "edutainment" pre-school series line-up on the French audio-visual landscape.


Zouzous is recognised as a real hallmark of quality by all parents and professionals and is also available on all screens, thanks to a platform that allows you to watch or rewatch the best in animation, play with a dedicated games app, and also enjoy a quarterly magazine published jointly with francetvdistribution and Milan Presse.




© Cube Créative Productions


Geo loves playing with building blocks. When he travels to the Tangraplanet, a world full of funny, geometrical creatures, Geo expresses his creativity with his Tangranimal friends. Square-Elephant, Triangle-Cat... The Tangranimals have the wonderful power to give life to any shape they want ! Throughout their creative adventures Geo comes up with new ideas of shapes for his friends to try out. The only limit is his imagination !

52 x 11 min
Production Cube Creative Productions



Louie & Yoko Build

 © Milimages

Louie has swapped his pencil case for a toolbox and with the help of Yoko, they build what their friends need. Whether it’s a bridge, a plane, a wind turbine or a rocket; it’s no problem! With the magic toolbox, there is no limit to what Louie and Yoko can build. And better still, Louie and Yoko show you how to do it.

78 x 7 min
Production Millimages


The Who What

© Doncvoilà Productions 2018

The Who What are six characters (animals and humans) that evolve together in a white world. One of them in particular, Olive, has the power to draw elements that come to life. He creates scenery that comes alive and serves as a stage for their imaginary adventures, as well as objects or other characters that enable them to get out of sticky situations in which they lose their bearings.canard.

52 x 7 min
Production Doncvoilà Productions



© Supamonks

Pompon is a six-year-old cub, in bear years. He is mischievous, cheerful, and playful. But above all things, he has an incredible and precious talent that his best friend Rita and his parents enjoy tremendously : he can make extra out of ordinary. Thanks to his imagination and creativity making him take thousands of detours, growing day by day becomes child’s play !

39 x 7 min
Production Supamonks



© Xbo films/Moukda Production

Due to the rising levels of water, many animals are waiting to board a gigantic ship. Kerala, a young kangaroo curious and eager to explore, jumps out of her mother's pouch. She boards the boat and doesn't realise that she has lost her parents until too late. She decides to find her natural parents and she will find many new animal friends and will bring a breath of fresh air to this huge ship, of liberty and cooperation.

26 min
Production Moukda production / XBO Films




Comedy, Adventure and distinctive Territories like poetry, music, news and so on...

Over thirty animation series are currently in the production and development stages for Ludo.


Ludo series invite children to have fun and find out about things by appealing to their intelligence through programmes based on original creations and adaptations of existing worlds, taken from children's literature, like video games that are highly popular with children.


Ludo series focus on comedy and action-adventure and are distinguished by a host of iconic, up-and-coming heroes, exploring distinctive territories, such as poetry with En Sortant de l’école, music with Max & Maestro, the news, with 1 jour 1 Question, as well as internet practices and a behind-the-scenes look at the web, as in #Dans la toile etc.


Shown in the mornings on France 3 and France 4, on a dedicated Ludo digital platform, the line-up of animation series for the over-6s is also shown every weekday afternoon and on Saturday afternoons on France 4 in the slot personified by Les Minikeums, an after-school date with original French production series.



Coach me if you can

© 2018 Xilam Animation


Erico Platana, the most famous football player in the world, has been cursed. A sorcerer has turned him into a football and put him in the possession of Daniel Sissou, a normal but untalented kid. The only way for Erico to break the curse is to transform Daniel into a football star. United by the curse, Daniel and Erico become best friends and it doesn’t matter if they stumble through life with two left feet : together, the only way is up.

52 x 13 min
Production Xilam



Bestioles Motel

© Je Suis Bien Content / Watch Next Media / (2018)

The adventures of a band of insects in a motel crawling with other insects surrounded by humans ignoring they are in a motel crawling with insects…

52 x 11 min
Production Je suis bien content


Power Players

© Zagtoon

Axel is a 9-year-old boy who can transform into a living action figure! The seven-inch miniature superhero is at the head of a squad of flamboyant animated toys, the Power Players. Together, they have to stop toy supervillains as zany as they are dangerous from wreaking havoc. Axel is about to live crazy adventures, the kind of adventures every kid dreams about while playing with their action figures !

78 x 13 min
Production Zagtoon



© Les Films de la Perrine / 6673031 Canada Inc. - 2018

Paris, 2213. Like all boys approaching the age of 15, Anatane Goliatkine knows that he'll soon be sent off to Okura. He is to become a Grad, a worker indoctrinated and labouring on the Great Project overseen by Clunk, dictator of the new world order. During a playful snowball fight, Anatane's very destiny is irrevocably altered.On discovering that he has the power of turning himself invisible, he becomes the most sought-after fugitive on the globe...

26 x 26 min
Production Les Films de la Perrine


Garfield Originals

© Dargaud Media

Garfield is back with a new look and brand new adventures that will delight both old and new fans! We won’t be spared anything – especially not the most ferocious aspects of his personality – for better or for worse, but definitely a good laugh !

104 x 5 min 30
Production Dargaud Media


Disco Dragon

© Mondo TV France

Disco the dragon lives in Grooville and he’s crazy about music.  He’s able to hear every child’s inner groove. And when that groove goes off the rails, it’s a signal that a child needs help.  Disco is on mission and Betty, a daredevil, music-crazy girl is at his side. Thanks to Betty’s insight, Disco can better understand human emotions. Combine Betty’s 140 bpm and Disco’s exuberance, and you get a playful mix of comedy and whimsical disorder.

52 x 13 min
Production Mondo TV France


La foire agricole

© Panique! Autour de minuit

After much hard work, Indian and Cowboy pass their school exams. To reward them for their efforts, Horse buys them VIP passes for the Annual Agricultural Fair – but he slips on a skateboard and wakes up in the hospital, he’s suffering from amnesia and has no idea where he hid the tickets. So begins a race against time for Indian and Cowboy who must get hold of the precious passes before it’s too late.

26 min
Production Panique! / Autour de minuit


Blacky & Whity


Kids from Marseille are preparing for the legendary La Flèche race. The band of friends bet on Blacky and Whity who excel on their tricycle! But it is without counting on the Machiavellianism of the Riddzzy brothers who will use all the stratagems to sow discord and win the race. But the friendship that is the cement of the band of friends will bring them to victory !

26 min
Production Tigobo Animation


The Mysterious Cities of Gold

© Blue Spirit

This 4th season magnificently conclude the epic journey of our three heroes, Esteban, Zia and Tao in a thrilling final. Esteban, Zia and Tao leave the Arabian desert behind as they set out in pursuit of Zares to discover the last secrets of Mu and save the world from his evil plans. What they will discover however surpasses what they ever imagined.

26 x 23 min
Production Blue Spirit Productions



© Superprod

When Scout moves to the small town of Bellywhale, she feels lost and profoundly alone. But the 10-year-old girl soon makes an extraordinary discovery that changes her life: a giant, gentle, magical monster, called Osmond. Until this day, Osmond has been living alone in the forest sheltered from the stupidity of man. Together, the girl and monster form an exceptional friendship, living fantastical, hilarious adventures.

52 x 11 min
Production Superprod Animation


Partie de campagne

© lastationanimation

In the middle of the fields, near a vast forest and a pretty river where frogs wriggle and frogs caw, is the village of Bellefontaine. It is there that lives a small band of children, boys and girls, among whom our heroes Raphael, Lina, Little foot and Stretch. These four best friends are full of imagination and fill their lives with hectic adventures.

52 x 13 min
Production La Station Animation


Team DroniX

    © Technicolor Animation Productions

Team DroniX follows the adventures of three drone enthusiasts, pilot Buck Roquette, designer Tim Chessmat and engineer Vicky Risk, who meet in the prestigious Hawkings Academy, the mecca of everything high-tech. Together, they build a one-of-a-kind drone, DroniX, competing against fellow student teams and garnering envy from a few evil-intentioned individuals.

26 x 22 min
Production Technicolor Animation



         © Folimage

If Vanille had known that she’d have such an adventurous time in Guadeloupe, she would have slept on the plane! What with her aunt being possessed by a Soucoyant, meeting the Mentô Oba and searching for the mysterious Titan Arum, her holiday was bound to be action-packed !

30 min
Production Folimage / Nadasdy


Viking Skool

© Samka Productions

Olaf, Ylva and Ani are budding Vikings, confident that they all have what it takes to succeed in the ruthless Vikingskøøl. But the road to graduation is long! To get to the end of this adventure, fortunately they have the necessary stamina, courage and intelligence - but not necessarily all of these qualities at the same time...

26 x 24 min
Production Samka Productions / Cartoon Saloon


Studio 4

The Nouvelles Écritures (New Writing) division offers an animation line-up for young adults on its web series site, Studio 4. Humour, poetry and a dream-like element are at the centre of the creative process. The documentary website IRL focuses on animation involving the mixing together of genres.

France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures is also heavily involved in animation within the Market and rewards digital creative works through an award.


The winner of the France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures award will be chosen from among the finalists in the “Interactive and Transmedia Creative Works” category and the “Series and Specials” category.


The winner will be announced and the award presented on 15th June.


The award earns the winner a €3,000 development contract, for an innovative animation or hybrid project, whether linear (one-off or series – intended for the “Studio 4” digital fiction creative line-up) or using Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.




© 2017 Calon / Telegael / Samka Productions

Three adolescent brothers, seeking popularity, discover an incredible secret: the promises made by a mail order company claiming they can order items and other gadgets that will change their lives. What if this toy and gadget company was the answer to their prayers? But that’s not taking into consideration the Machiavellianism of the mad owner of this company who has decided to rule the world.

6 x 3 min – 6 fausses pub de 45 s – un format jeunesse de 22 min 30
Production Samka Productions / Calon / Telegael Teoranta / France Télévisions Nouvelles 


Géants Disparus

  © French Connections Films, Chuck Productions, GlitchR

A virtual reality immersive experience taking you on a journey into the past, going back over 60 million years to encounter the giant animals that inhabited the planet after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Each animal is discovered under the guidance of a palaeontologist who explains the reasons for its huge size and seeks to shed light on the mystery of its demise.

5 films 360° : 4 x 3 min et 1 x 14 min, une application mobile IOS/Androïd (films et adaptation du jeu Paléo VR) et une application VR HTC/Oculus
Production French Connections Films / Chuck Productions / GlitchR / France Télévisions Nouvelles 


Rap Fighter

© Bigger Than Fiction

A combination of three pop culture worlds: rap, animation and video games. An animation series that mixes together all these elements of global pop culture. A funny, musical mini-series, combining rap and drawings, and embodied by real rappers depicted as animated characters. Sole arbitrator: the public who will vote on social networks to decide the winner of the tournament!

7 x 4 min
Production Bigger Than Fiction / France Télévisions Nouvelles 

France 3 Cinéma

France 3 Cinéma coproduces over 25 films every year and gives particular support to animation films that are carefully selected based.

France 3 Cinéma endeavours to work in the animation sector with a diverse selection of producers and distribution companies.

France 3's Cinema division has therefore applied itself to nurturing the talent of new directors such as  Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli ("Une vie de chat" - "A Cat in Paris"), Benjamin Renner, Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar ("Ernest & Célestine"), Michel Ocelot (the creator of "Kirikou"), Claude Barras ("Ma vie de Courgette" - "My Life as a Zucchini, winner of the 2017 César for Best Animated Feature Film) and, most recently, Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord (Zombillenium”).

France 3 Ciné
ma is now continuing its commitment to writers by supporting "La Fameuse Invasion des Ours en Sicile” -  The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily” directed by Lorenzo Mattotti (Primalinéa / Pathé), Calamity” by Rémi Chayé (Sacrebleu and Maybe  Movies / Gébéka), Terra Willy” by Eric Tosti, David Alaux and Jean-François Tosti (TAT Productions / Bac Films), Le Sommet des Dieux” The Summit of the Gods” by Patrick Imbert (Folivari and Julianne Films / Wild Bunch), Josep” by Aurel (Les films d’Ici / Sophie Dulac) and Petit Vampire” Little Vampire” by Joan Sfar, (Autochenille Production / Studio Canal), which will be released in cinemas in 2019.

France 3 Cinéma is also extending successful productions developed by FTV group channels through support for full-length feature films based on hit series, such as “Sam Sam” by Tanguy de Kermel (Folivari / Studio Canal) and Yakari” by Toby Genkel and Xavier Giacometti (Dargaud Media / Bac Films).




© Production Sacre bleu Productions / Maybe Movies

1863, in the midst of a convoy heading West, Martha Jane's father gets hurt and she must drive the family wagon and take care of the horses. And since it's more practical for riding horses, she doesn’t hesitate to slip into trousers. Dressed as a boy, she discovers a world undergoing change where her original personality will assert itself. An adventure full of dangers and rich in encounters that will, step by step, reveal the mythical Calamity Jane.

Production : Sacre bleu Productions / Maybe Movies


Sam Sam

  © 2019 Folivari / La Compagnie Cinématographique / Panache Productions / 
                                     Studiocanal / France 3 Cinéma / Mac Guff / RTBF (Télévision belge)

SamSam is conscientiously seeking his first-ever superpower but is winding up empty-handed every time. Thanks to Mega, the mysterious new student in school, he finally uncovers an “anti-monster power” ! Let’s just hope it’s authentic, because SamSam is about to find himself face to face with a frightful “fluff-brained monster” who goes around “dampening kids down” to stop them from laughing...

Production : Folivari


Terra Willy

       © TAT productions, BAC Films, France 3 cinéma, Master Films  2019

Following the destruction of their ship, young Willy is separated from his parents with whom he traveled through space. His rescue capsule lands on a wild and unexplored planet. With the help of Buck, a survival robot, he will have to hold on until the arrival of a rescue mission. Meanwhile, they are discovering the planet, its fauna, its flora…but also its dangers.

Production : TAT Productions



© 2018 Dargaud Media / Wunderwerk / Belvision / France 3 cinéma / Bac films production / Universum film / Gao Shan pictures

Yakari, the little Sioux boy, follows the trail of Little Thunder, a wild mustang said to be untamable. On his journey, he is visited by Great Eagle, his totem animal. Great Eagle gives Yakari a magnificent feather as well as the incredible ability to speak to animals. Yakari and Little Thunder journey, through breath-taking but treacherous landscape, will forever seal the undying friendship between the bravest little Sioux boy and the pony who runs like the wind.

Production : Dargaud Media / Wunderwerk / Belvision / France 3 Cinéma / BAC Films Production / Universum Film / Gao Shan Pictures

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