Bandeau line-up Cannes 2021

Cinema line-up

France tv distribution presents its cinema line-up at the Cannes Film Market

At the Cannes Film Market, France tv distribution will be presenting six films awaited by international buyers. Online market screenings are programmed for two of them  on July 10th, 11th and 12th.


This year, France tv distribution has two films set to be unveiled in sections held in parallel to the Cannes Film Festival. The international distributor’s cinema line-up is deliberately eclectic and emotion-packed:



  • Two films selected for Cannes:


Between Two Worlds (original title: Ouistreham)


Between Two Worlds by Emmanuel Carrère / Image: ©Christine Tamalet


A co-production by Curiosa Films and Cinéfrance Studios, Emmanuel Carrère's Between Two Worlds will be the opening film at the 53rd Directors' Fortnight. 

The film was adapted from a book by Florence Aubenas titled Le Quai de Ouistreham (released in 2010 by Editions de l'Olivier publishing house and translated in English as The Night Cleaner).

Between Two Worlds talks about Marianne Winckler (played by Juliette Binoche), a well-known author who goes to live in northern France to research for her new book on the subject of job insecurity. Without revealing her true identity, she gets hired as a cleaner, working with a group of other women. In this new role, she experiences financial instability and social invisibility first-hand. But she also discovers mutual assistance and solidarity, strong bonds shared by these behind-the-scenes working women.

The other members of the cast are non-professional actors playing themselves or people they know.

The movie will be released in theaters during the first half of 2022.



A Radiant Girl (original title: Une jeune fille qui va bien)

Une jeune fille

A Radiant Girl by Sandrine Kiberlain / Image: ©Jérôme Prébois 


A Radiant Girl, Sandrine Kiberlain's first feature film, produced by Curiosa Films and E.D.I Films, is selected at the 60th Critics' Week Special Screening.

The film talks about Irene, a young Jewish woman leading a vibrant life, in the summer of 1942 in Paris. Her family watches her as she grows and discovers the world around her, making new friends, finding new love, and her passion for the theatre... Irene wants to become an actress and her youthful days go by without a care in the world.

Rebecca Marder plays Irene in this drama, alongside André MarconAnthony BajonFrançoise WidhoffIndia Hair and Ben Attal



  • Two films in post-production:


Little Man Tom (original title: Tom)

Photo Tom

Little Man Tom by Fabienne Berthaud / Image: ©2021 Rhamsa and Move Movie


Little Man Tom is based on the novel Tom petit Tom tout petit homme Tom by Barbara Constantine (released in 2010 by Calmann Levy publishing house).

Tom, 11 years old, lives in a trailer home on the edge of the woods with Joss, his young mother. The two of them support each ofther and show unwavering optimism. While Joss is away working small jobs, Tom keeps himself occupied. One day, a young man fresh out of prison breaks into their home and their lives, and disrupts the equilibrium.

The film, produced by Move Movie, stars Nadia Tereszkiewicz in the role of Joss, and Félix Maritaud as Samy. 

Following in the footsteps of Lily sometimesSky and A Bigger World , Little Man Tom comes Fabienne Berthaud's fifth feature as a director.



An Ordinary Mother (original title: Une mère)

Une mère

An Ordinary Mother by Sylvie Audcoeur / Image: ©Thierry Valletoux


An ordinary mother, produced by Incognita Films et Tripode Productions, is Sylvie Audcoeur's first feature film. Aline, played by Karin Viard (The Perfect NannyJealousPoliss), never managed to get closure from the death of her 17-year-old son in a street fight. When she sees the assailant recently released from prison, she decides to cook up a plan to avenge her son. Things go unexpectedly as she gets to know the young man and her determination is tested.



  • Market screenings:


 Hear Me Out (original title: On est fait pour s'entendre)

On est fait pour s'entendre

Hear Me Out by Pascal Elbé / Image: ©Stéphanie Branchu


This romantic comedy, produced by Jerico Films and Père et Films, talks about Antoine, a history teacher in his early 50s. He learns that he has become very hard of hearing. Unable to own up to his handicap, he resigns himself to living in his bubble, even though his entourage finds his behavior increasingly odd. Antoine's encounter with Claire, widow and mother of a young girl who has stopped speaking, will lead him to open up to the world. 

In addition to being behind the camera, Pascal Elbé plays the main character, Antoine. Starring alongside him, Sandrine Kiberlain, who plays the role of Claire. For his third movie as a director, he surrounds himself with a strong cast: Manon Lemoine, François Berléand, Valérie Donzelli, Antoine Gouy, Claudia Tagbo, Marthe Villalonga and Emmanuelle Devos.

There will be two online market screenings on Saturday July 10th at 11am (online 9) and on Monday July 12th at 3.30pm (online 10).



 Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (original title: Hommes au Bord de la Crise de Nerfs)


Audrey Dana's new film, produced by Curiosa Films, focuses on the issue of men of all generations facing with personal crises.

Seven men from 17 to 70 year old. All city-dwellers with nothing in common apart from the fact that they are all on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They meet up at a lonely station for an unusual course in the wild that is supposed to get them back on their feet. Each step in this boot camp, designed by an eccentric and feisty female coach played by Marina Hands aims to reveal them to themselves. The task seems to be a tough one, especially as nothing goes as planned between these men. The cast includes Thierry Lhermitte, Ramzy Bedia, François-Xavier Demaison, Laurent Stocker, Pascal Demolon, Michaël Grégorio and Max Baissette de Malglaive.

There will be two online market screenings on Saturday July 10th at 10am (online 3) and on Sunday July 11th at 2.30pm (online 4).




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