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La Chine au fil des rails


francetv distribution

France tv distribution is pleased to announce the launch of new programs at the upcoming MIPDoc and MIPTV.





Trees: a Global Superpower

The documentaries broadcasted in the France 5 scientific slot in prime time, Science Grand Format, are unique programmes. They take us through adventures and scientific investigations where passionate specialists interpret the world we are living in. Trees: a Global Superpower (1x90’), produced by Hauteville Productions, will be broadcasted in this France 5 slot. Grounded in the latest scientific research, this film reveals a world hitherto undetected. With spectacular photography and exceptionally beautiful animation, Emmanuelle Nobécourt takes us on an international journey, from the molecular to the planetary scale, transforming our perception of these vegetal giants.


Extreme Lands

When nature rages, humanity excels.  Extreme Lands (6x52’) produced by Pernel Mediaexplains our planet’s most spectacular natural phenomena and examines human inventions designed to deal with them. The documentary series explores territories as varied than passionate: Chile, Iceland, California, Japan, Arabian Peninsula and Central America.

The blue zones longevity

Living better and longer: that is the challenge successfully met in intriguing regions known as “blue zones”, home to the greatest number of hundred-year-olds. The blue zones longevity (4x52’), produced by La Famiglia, follows a naturopath chef and a family practitioner who try to solve the mystery of this longevity, setting out to discover 4 regions: Okinawa (Japan), Ikaria (Greece), Nuoro Province (Sardinia) and Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica). Biology, genetics, social links, environment, physical exercise and diet: all these things are examined to answer a key question: what are the secrets of the longevity of these blue zone’s inhabitants?


China Express

 In 1978, China decided to reform its cultural and industrial policies, and open up to the world. 40 years on, a China Express (6x52’), produced by Etoile Noire, celebrates and examines this new open society with a series of surprising journeys to explore the riches of the ‘Middle Kingdom’.  China’s Xu Li and France’s Jérémy travel the length and breadth of China in the course of six thematic journeys with more than 30 stopovers. China proves modern and dynamic, but still in touch with its ancestral cultures and traditions. 


Planète arbre Terres Extrêmes Les Mystères de la longévité La Chine au fil des rails
    Trees : a Global Superpower     Extreme Lands     The blue zone of longevity

     China Express






Stalk tackles stalking, a new form of digital voyeurism (10x22’), produced by Silex Films, tells us the story of Lux, an exceptionally-gifted geek, suffers a severe humiliation from the other students as soon as he enters his prestigious engineering school. To take revenge, he will use one of his best skills, "stalking". He hacks their cell phones and computers; including Alma’s, the object of all his desires. Lux becomes the person he always wanted to be, before being caught in his own trap. The series was created to be also watched on smartphones and tablets.



The best of crime drama is on the French Crimes Label. France tv distribution gathers the best TV series made in France. This label highlights this "French Touch" so appreciated abroad. Murder in..., Captain Marleau, Criminal Games, Alex Hugo, Captain Cherif and Perfect Crimes are series with very different worlds. Each drama has its own universe and its unique tone but are all personified by a strong role or strong duo. Humour, adevnture, thriller, love story, glamour... Each person finds their groove. 



Inside (6x52’), produced by Elzévir Films, received, a few weeks ago, at Luchon Festival of television creations, the Pyrénées d'Or Best Miniseries prize and Public Best Miniseries prize. A violent crime was perpetrated in a mental health facility. The victim, Ana, 28, had been committed against her will and was due to leave the institution the day following her murder. Instead, she was found smothered to death and… with her heart ripped out. Angèle, a young and brilliant police officer, is in charge of the investigation. Is she dealing with the crime of an insane person or of a « normopath », perfectly lucid, trying very hard to make it look like the act of a lunatic ?


French Crimes   Inside  
       French Crimes            Inside






Jeremy is a supersensitive superhero. The animation series (52x11'), produced by Autour de Minuit, is based on the books Jean-Michel le Caribou by Magali Le Huche edited by Actes Sud. In the lovely town of Brisiae, th town hall, post office, café and bus stop will charme you. Don’t hesitate to come and visit. This is a town where nothing happens. Nothing? Really? That would be true if it weren’t for the improbable inhabitants of Brisiae and their crazy antics. Luckily Jeremy the Superhero caribou watches over the town like Superman over Metropolis!



The ambitious animation series with an original concept (52x11'), produced by La Station Animation, gathers two cat detectives, Grosha & Mr. B, who work as a team at the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI). The two agents have diametrically opposed methods and characters, and their job is to solve the wackiest of criminal cases. Grosha, the cat from a modest background, and the aristocratic Mr. B are backed by the SBI’s brilliant team of experts led by Miss Tigri: Turbo, the forensic tortoise, and Paquo and Paco, the two flying-squad pigeons.


Super Caribou Grosha & Mr B.  
        Super Caribou                      Grosha & MR B.   



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