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In 2017, foreign sales of French audiovisual productions again set new records. According to research conducted by the CNC and TVFI, documentaries generated 35.5 million euros, up by 1.2% on 2016. France tv distribution has one of the country’s most impressive documentary catalogues and plays an important role in the dissemination of French culture and creativity worldwide. A few weeks ago, the latest MIPCOM trade fair was held in Cannes, providing France tv distribution with an opportunity to review the success of its line-up.

Julia Schulte, France tv distribution International Sales Manager 

"Documentary distribution has moved up to a new level. Buyers are very keen to find ambitious documentaries with high potential. The increasingly diversified offer of our line-up reflects that demand. Our achievement is to entertain viewers all over the world with gripping stories, original creations and quality content. So we work with enthusiastic producers who have a committed approach. Today, we're proud to announce the latest sales of our key brands and our new productions, too." 


Documentary series are a newly growing trend promoted by France tv distribution. After the success of the Apocalypse collection, our aim is to create high-potential brands set in a timeline, such as Mysteries of the giants and The Real war of thrones.

The scientific series Mysteries of the giants is produced by French Connection Films (6x52') for France 4 and France 5. It has already been sold in 80 countries including  China, South Korea, Italy, Denmark, Russia and Hungary. It was presented at the last MIPCOM's 4K conference to an audience of specialists, promoting its Ultra HD ambitions.

Also shown in 80 countries, Season 1 of The Real war of thrones is produced by Pernel Media (4x45'). This historical series has achieved excellent viewer figures on France 5 - an average of 1.2 million - and proved highly successful internationally. It has been shown in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Oceania, especially in countries such as Germany, China, Canada, Nigeria and Australia.
Season 2 was recently launched at the latest MIPCOM and looks set to attract many buyers.


Terre des géants La guerre des trônes S2
    Mysteries of the giants        The Real war of thrones: the wars of religion


At the same time, standalone documentaries have played an important role in France tv distribution's line-up.

Nature documentaries have performed well; Many of those produced by France tv studio have won great success internationally. They appeal strongly to buyers worldwide. In from the wild (1x52') has been sold in Europe, especially to Germany, Switzerland and Poland, whilde The Secret life of the garden (1x52') has gone to Germany, Estonia and the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The documentary on Nicolas Vanier's last race, Iditarod, the race of a lifetime, produced by MC4 and Taïga for France 2 (1x90'), has already been purchased in Europe by countries such as Germany and Switzerland, and has also gone to Asia with distribution in China.


La Vie secrète Iditarod
        The Secret life of the garden           Iditarod, the race of a lifetime


Turning to historical documentaries, The Apocalypse collection produced by CC&C and Ideacom International Inc. for France 2 is still extremely popular. It has been distributed in 170 regions.

Tha latest in the collection is no exception. Never ending war (2x45') broadcast on November 11 was watched by 3 million viewers. Launched at the 2018 MIPDOC, it has been sold to around thirty countries, especially in Europe, North America and Latin America.
An international distributor will market War of worlds (6x52') almost everywhere in the world.

As for Two against Hitler, produced by Label Image for France 5 (1x52') as part of the They spied on Hitler collection, the documentary has gone to almost every continent and especially Austria, Nigeria and Venezuela.


La Paix Impossible La guerre des mondes
     Apocalypse, never ending war        Apocalypse, war of worlds


In terms of current-affairs documentaries, after Putin, master of the game and Erdogan, the rise to absolute power, both shown in a dozen countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, Iran: a giant awakes produced by Yami for France 5 (1x70') has just been sold to Canada.

Brigitte Macron, a French saga produeced by Siècles Productions for France 3 (1x90') and launched at the last MIPDOC, has already been taken up on three continents - Europe, North and South America, and in the Middle East.


         Iran       Brigitte Macron           
     Iran: a giant awakes    Brigitte Macron, a French saga  




France tv distribution encourages diversity of production and ensures the lasting popularity of content, so contributing to the global influence of French documentaries. Held in April 2019, the next MIPDOC will provide an opportunity to launch even more adventurous projects.






About France tv distribution

France tv distribution works with producers and licensors to maximise revenues from their programmes across all media platforms encompassing video, VOD and music publishing, merchandising, magazine and book publishing, plus French and international distribution and fund-raising.
Since January 2017, France tv distribution has gone hand in hand with distributing films abroad. As a major player on the distribution of rights in France and in foreign markets, this new activity of trading feature films is added to its savoir-faire.