Communiqué du 07 mai 2018

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Séries Mania


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The international festival completly dedicated to drama, Séries Mania, awarded "Mother is wrong" and "War On Beasts" . France tv distribution is proud of its line-up and wants to thank all the people that have allowed the creation of these shows.

On May 5th, the jury of the 9th edition of Séries Mania, which took place from April 27th to May 5th in Lille, attributed the Best Actress Award to Anne Charrier for her role in Mother is wrong and the Best Actor Award to Roschdy Zem for his role in War On Beasts. These two drama series were selectionned in the French competition of the festival.
France tv distribution will produce these them into DVD and VOD, and distribute them abroad.



Maman a tort
©Alain Guizard

The drama is based on the eponymous book by Michel Bussi published in 2015 by Presses de la cité. Should Police Captain Marianne Aubrais believe a child who claims that is mother is not really his mother? If his story is not simply a fantasy, it would be genuinely criminal to ignore it. The boy may never become the man he should be and might have to accept the unthinkable: being raised by a woman who has taken his real mother's place. 

Starting May 9th, the drama series will be available digitally on several platforms and starting June 7th in DVD. 
The international distribution of the show has been launched at last MIPTV.

Length : 6x52' -  Film-making : François Velle - Cast : Anne Charrier, Pascal Elbé, Samuel Theis... - Production : MFP - 2018 - France 2



Aux animaux la guerre
©Benoît Linder - Europacorp Television

Martel is a dangerous man. Even if he works his eight hour job at the factory without batting an eye, takes care of his mother, helps his friends and takes it on the chin, he's a dangerous man. So when he loses his job and ends up alone with his debts, anything's possible. War on beasts is the story of this man who refuses to go donwhill and a work inspector specialised in lost causes. It's also the story of Bruce, a bodybuilder who takes himself for Tony Montana, Tokarev, a procurer receiving chemotherapy, and Jordan, a biker teenager who would do anything for the beautiful Lydie. Finally, it's the story of a handful of labourers who refuse to die and who want to save their factory. War on beasts is the tale of a world that ends in peripheral France, when the social violence becomes simply violence. 

The international distribution of the show has been launched at last MIPTV.

Length : 6x52' - Film-making : Alain Tasma - Cast : Roschdy Zem, Olivia Bonamy, Rod Paradot... - Production : Europacorp Télévision - 2018 - France 3


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