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petit ours brun


francetv distribution

 francetv distribution is happy to announce the launch of prestigious new programs at the upcoming MIPCOM and MIPCOM Junior.



LITTLE BROWN BEAR - Kiddies’ First Time Companion!

This brand new 3D Season - 52x7’ - of the famous pre-school series full of very first discoveries and important feelings showcases new characters including Little Brown Bear's cousin Big Red Bear. They're all set to experience new exciting adventures! The series produced by Bayard will launch at MIP Junior.

Little Brown Bear will lauch at MIPCOM Junior.


RABBIDS INVASION - SEASON 4 - Totally Bwaaahsome!

francetv distribution is set to accompany international distribution of The Raving Rabbids' new adventures in Season 4 currently under production by Ubisoft Motion Pictures. After Mad Rabbid inadvertantly discovers a mysterious flying submarine in the junkyard, the Rabbids set on a trip to Bretzel Island, a promise land they spotted on a cereal box!


petit ours brun lapins crétins
                                 Little Brown Bear Rabbids Invasion



THE CHALET - Six residents. Thirteen guests. The slaughter can begin!

francetv distribution is managing international distribution of the fiction series The Chalet - 6x52’ - produced by Dajma. Adèle is three months pregnant and needs a change of air. She and her partner Manu go to stay in the heart of the Alps at the Chalet de Valmoline, where Manu used to spend his summer vacations. They will not be on their own: other guests – childhood friends of Manu – are coming to join them. The visitors have barely crossed the bridge that provides the only link with the valley when a huge rock crashes down and destroys it! No more road… and no cell phone network. They are completely cut off from the world. Now Adèle finds out that a couple called Rodier came to the Chalet with their two children twenty years before to start a new life… and vanished without trace! History is about to repeat itself.

Watch the trailer here



francetv distribution is handling international distribution of fiction mini-series They had a dream for producer Eloa Prod4 x 45’ or 2 x 90’ -. The French West Indies, in the Sixties. The Government encourages the Islanders to leave their native lands to escape a poverty that results from, among other factors, the closure of sugar mills. Lured by the idea of a “dream country”, these overseas citizens find life in Europe is not at all what they had imagined…

Award: Best male performance - TV drama Festival, La Rochelle 2017


le chalet le rêve français
                               The Chalet They had a dream



THE REAL WAR OF THRONES - The Legendary Dynasties that Shaped Europe

This documentary series - 4x45’ - produced by Pernel Media unveils the saga of rival dynasties that played a crucial part in the history of modern Europe. Thanks to high quality fiction scenes, the series brings the men and women whose names survived throughout the centuries to life; it uncovers their ambitions, strategies and passions turning dynastic dreams into a reading guide to European history.    


PUTIN, MASTER OF THE GAME - The balance of world power is in his hands

francetv distribution is internationally launching the landmark documentary Putin, master of the game, produced by Galaxie Presse52’ or 70’ -. “Without Putin, there is no Russia” a deputy head of the Russian presidential administration declared. In the new Russia of the 21st century, power is personified and Putin has become a key figure in international relations. Remarkable first-hand accounts from former ministers, counselors, diplomats and experts who discuss their encounters with Putin and the confrontation, manipulation and intrigues they have experienced. A modern Tsar at the head of a pseudo-democracy? How far can Putin go in realizing his vast ambitions? This documentary provides an instructive analysis of his political and military strategy and its impact on the entire world.

Watch the trailer here



francetv distribution is managing international distribution of the documentary film Population - 70’ - produced by Flair Production. Global demography? Over the past three decades, the situation has become critical. World population has tripled, natural environments have been devastated and planet has been ravaged by overconsumption, pollution and other scourges. So are there too many of us on Earth? Is our consumption unsustainable? To find out, we join Daniel Cohn-Bendit on a journey to India, a key nation that will soon be the most heavily populated in the world. During his trip, Dany talks to distinguished Indian philosophers and scientists. Their opinions, like those of Western demographers, throw light on the great issues of world population growth. We may not have to fear the worst… but we can only hope for the best.


LA MISS AND THE GENERAL - Susan Travers, one of the greatest adventurers of the 20th century

La Miss and the General - 52' - is a documentary film produced by CFRT Production. Flamboyant, heroic and dynamic, Susan Travers was an unforgettable woman. Her position was unique: normally, only men served in the Legion. Susan was the exception. Throughout her life, she was known as ‘La Miss’ to the legionnaires. They had huge respect for this fearless woman, who was the first to reach the British lines in her rusty Ford during the battle of Bir-Hakeim in 1942. She brought General Koenig back alive after they had begun a passionate love affair. Yet it was not until she was 86 that she was awarded the Légion d’Honneur. Meanwhile, the rewriters of history had carried out a ‘cleanup’, attempting to erase all traces of a woman who might have cast a shadow over the reputation of war hero Pierre Koenig…


la véritable guerre des trônes susan travers
                             The Real War of Thrones La Miss and the General


population putin master of the game
                       Population Putin, Master of the Game


Come meet francetv distribution at MIPCOM (P-1.D50 / P-1.E51) !


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